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forever summer

I don’t know how I got out of the “fuck zone”. I’m not that smart or pretty. I’m awkward and shy. I still depend on my parents. I’m riddled with mental illness. I over analyze and get emotional easily. I don’t even know why I slept with him. I guess because I needed to feel some kind of connection. Then we fell for each other. I just don’t know why he fell for me. 


"I love when you touch my scars. You’re the reason I haven’t started again. Thankyou."Posted from the PostSecret website.
oh this is perfeeeeeeect

The saddest PostSecret I have ever seen.

O *claps* KAY *claps*

Don’t sit there and pretend to be my fucking friend liking my shit on facebook when I know ya’ll are talking shit behind my back. I fucking see you, bitches. I see you getting hostile on the social media. I put two and two together. Who else would you have an issue with? Why you made because your little “fuck buddy” fell for me? I broke girl code? Girl you can shove the girl code up your ass because I didn’t do a god damn thing. He came on to me. I was the one that felt bad after it happened. It’s not like I was thirsty for him in the beginning. Am I glad it happened? Fuck yes I am. Am I upset that I’m losing friends over it? No. Because you know what? You’ve proved yourself to be really shitty people. You’re so far each other’s asshole you can see out their eyes. You two deserve each other. Pretty soon you will have no one left because EVERY ONE is sick of your shit. So go ahead, talk all the shit you want. 


my words exactly mr. sloth